CCA20 Entry

Built Environment Referral Programme

Refer other built environment firms to enter Client Choice Awards 2021 and earn the rewards outlined below valued at over $650 when they submit their entries

For successfully referring 1 other firm:

Receive a copy of a special beaton report on trends in the Built & Natural Environment Consulting profession.

This report has been compiled using Client Choice Awards data since 2010 and provides insights into how clients perceive service, fee levels and key attributes such as cost consciousness, innovation and expertise.

This report is not available anywhere else so the only way to receive your copy is to start referring today.

For successfully referring 3 other firms:

Have your entry fee refunded.

If you successfully refer 3 other firms to take part in Client Choice Awards 2021 then we will refund your firm’s own entry fee.

For successfully referring 5 other firms:

Receive a copy of beaton’s Built & Natural Consulting 2021 Industry Benchmarking Report valued at $500.

To be released in May 2021, this report will contain industry level insights and statistics drawn from Client Choice Awards 2021 data to which you can compare your own firm’s results. This report will be invaluable in determining how your client service stacks up against other firms in your industry.

This report will be available to purchase for all participating firms after the Client Choice Awards winners are announced on 23 March 2021.

To make the process easier for you simply copy, paste, personalise & email the text below to friendly firms you think would benefit from taking part in Client Choice Awards 2021:



Not sure if you’ve heard of them, but we’d like to recommend you enter the Client Choice Awards 2021. We have!

The Awards are client-judged, and we’re participating for both the chance to win an award and to get independent feedback from our clients.

To enter today, simply go to and make sure to include my email address in the ‘Referral email’ section of the entry form.

Entering takes only a few minutes. From what we’ve heard, the feedback alone is worth it.

Kind Regards,



  1. The above referral rewards stack so if you successfully refer 5 other firms then you will receive all of the available rewards.
  2. A successful referral is counted when a referred firm submits and pays for their Client Choice Awards 2021 entry, and uses your email address in the referral section of the entry form.
  3. Firms who refer themselves during the entry process will have this referral deducted from their total.
  4. Referral totals will be counted at the end of each month beginning in July i.e. first count will be made on 31 July 2020.
  5. After each monthly count, firms will be contacted about receiving their 1-referral or 3-referral rewards within 1 week of the monthly count.
  6. Firms who successfully refer 5 or more firms will be contacted in the week commencing 3 May 2021 to redeem the 3rd part of their 5-referral reward.