Client Choice Awards 2015

Privacy and Confidentiality


Beaton Research + Consulting (‘beaton’) complies with the Market and Social Research Privacy Principles approved by the Australian Privacy Commissioner when handling personal information for the purposes of market research.

beaton will only report summary data about client ratings. No information will be released that identifies individuals who rated firms or practitioners, or the rating they gave unless the respondent gives express permission. All ratings provided by clients will be permanently de-identified at the conclusion of the research period.

beaton’s privacy policy applying to market research is available here.


Confidentiality Policy

beaton and The Financial Review are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of client information applicants provide.

The information in your online application and client email addresses provided to beaton will only be used to contact applicants regarding the Awards and the availability of reports and research about the applicant, to conduct the market research and analyse the results.

Client email addresses will not be disclosed to any organisation except beaton.

Client email addresses will not be disclosed to The Financial Review or any other Fairfax entity.

Client email addresses will be used for the purposes of conducting only this survey, and not for any other purpose, including market research.

beaton will only provide The Financial Review with the details of Winners and Finalists of an Financial Review Client Choice Award. Only Winners and Finalists in the firm and practitioner categories will be named in The Financial Review and its associated publications covering the Awards.