How practitioners can win a Client Choice Award

As a practitioner, your firm has to be in it, for you to win it.

Make sure your firm enters. As an individual practitioner, you can only be eligible through your firm’s entry.

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Award categories for practitioners

For practitioners in Accounting, Consulting Engineering, Law and IP Specialist firms in Australia and New Zealand there are separate categories of Award. These Awards were introduced four years ago – and are like no other awards. And one of these winners will achieve the status of Best Professional.

Your clients will nominate you and score you on quality and service, give reasons for their scores too. And if you are a Winner you will learn what your clients said about you – although not which clients said what. Read why here.

Congratulations to the 2017 Client Choice Awards practitioner winners!

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Best professional sponsor


Professions Australia is the national peak body for the professions. We have been the voice of the professions to government since 1971. Our vision is to operate as the recognised national authority on professional idea, conduct, standards and practice in service of the community.

Consulting engineering practitioner sponsor

CRA provides specialist risk advice as an outsource service for the referred clients of financial planners, accountants, lawyers and general insurance brokers.

Accounting practitioner sponsor

CRA provides specialist risk advice as an outsource service for the referred clients of financial planners, accountants, lawyers and general insurance brokers.

Legal practitioner sponsor

CRA provides specialist risk advice as an outsource service for the referred clients of financial planners, accountants, lawyers and general insurance brokers.

Application process

There is no application process for practitioners, you are entered when your firm enters. As your clients are assessing your firm’s submission they will have opportunity to nominate the practitioners that interacted with them and assess their overall client service.  This is why it is important to make sure that your firm is in it, for you to win it!

Please be aware that you must not contact your clients telling them to participate in this process or to nominate you. Doing so may disqualify you and your entire firm from the awards.

Timetable and dates
Applications Research and analysis conducted Finalists announced Winners announced
Applications are closed now September 2017 to January 2018 February 2018 March 2018

Judging process for practitioners

The diagram shows the six steps involved in the judging process that identifies those practitioners that reach the Finalist stage and are ultimately Winners of these categories of Client Choice Awards.


If you have any questions about the judging process for practitioners please write to George Beaton at

Client Choice Award categories for Practitioners

Most client-focused…
Accounting firm Awards Sectorcircle Law firm Awards
Accountant Consulting Engineer Lawyer
Consulting engineering firm Awards
IP Specialist

Winning the 2015 award for Best Practitioner in Australia and New Zealand is very important to my firm, McInnes Wilson, and to me personally.

Being named Best Practitioner in Australia and New Zealand is recognition from the people that matter most to us, our clients. The Financial review Client Choice Awards are truly unique in this respect.

McInnes Wilson has a strong culture of putting our clients needs first and foremost. This is something we seek to instil in all of our staff, both professional and support, from day one with the firm. Doing the little things like going to the client and meeting with them in their office rather than making them come to us, making sure that on every matter the relevant principal is always available to the client, and returning calls and emails urgently and making sure we invest time and money back into all of our clients.

These may all seem like small things. But it is small things such as these that make the difference.

We rely heavily on referrals and feedback from clients in developing future business, so it is pleasing to be recognised by our clients for nurturing those relationships.

Mark Woolley
Principal, McInnes Wilson


Cooper Grace Ward was delighted to be the winner of the Financial Review Client Choice Awards 2017 for the Best Law Firm (revenue under $50M) and the Best Professional Services Firm (revenue under $50M). This is the most pure award; it is the clients who chose. We are humbled to win but realise our clients have every right to expect the very best from us.

Chris Ward

Managing Partner, Cooper Grace Ward


We have had a strong focus on delivering excellent client service for the past decade.  As such, we feel very honoured to have this hard work recognised by our clients this year.

Dr Brett Lunn

Managing Partner, FB Rice


To win a Client Chocie Award demonstrates our commitment to providing exceptional service, both to our staff and to our Clients. This assists us in attracting and retaining the best people as well as be considered for the more prestigious and iconic projects.

Jose Granado

Managing Director, Wood & Grieve