Client Choice Awards trophies

Law & Related Services >$30m category

Entry into the Client Choice Awards is free.

The Awards for this category are judged purely on the survey scores we receive back from your clients.

Our online survey asks clients to rate and comment on firms’ brands and performance in delivering services on a range of criteria including quality, value for money, price and innovation.

Finalists and Winners for each awards category will be announced after the survey period closes in March 2025.

Firms entering this Awards category are eligible to purchase Beaton Benchmarks reports. These exquisitely detailed reports show you how clients and prospects perceive your firm from both a brand and client service perspective. They can also be used to benchmark your firm against competitors, drill-down to examine results at a service line level and track how your performance is trending.

To find out more about Beaton Benchmarks please visit the Beaton website here or contact us and one of our partners will follow up with you.

  1. Complete the online entry form by clicking the ‘Enter now’ button below.
  2. Submit your client contact details by the date listed in the table below – this should be a complete list of all the clients and referrers of your firm.
  3. That’s it! Beaton will take care of the rest including cleaning and auditing your client contact details, issuing invitations and reminders to clients, and providing respondent support for any clients who have questions or issues during the survey period.

These are the key dates for the 2025 Client Choice Awards which you need to know:

Entries Open
Entries Close
24 June 2024
9 August 2024
Deadline for client contact details submission9 August 2024
Surveying Starts
Surveying Ends
23 September 2024
14 February 2025
Winners Announced26 March 2025


Law firms, providers of legal services, outsourcing services and NewLaw firms.

There are no hard and fast rules around a minimum size of client contact list required. However, the file you submit should at least include the details of all clients who have received services from your firm in the previous 12 months. Responses from clients older than 12 months are also encouraged so to increase the amount of valuable feedback you collect you should submit the biggest client contact list you can.

If you have any questions about the client database submission process please contact Ewa Foroncewicz by email at or by phone at +61 3 8373 2605.

No. Your client contact details are an integral part of entering the Awards.

Judging the Awards is not related in any way to whether a firm does or doesn’t subscribe to Beaton’s reports.

Entrants in the Law & Related Services Awards category can win the following Awards:

  • Best Law & Related Services Firm (A$30-$100m)
  • Best Law & Related Services Firm (A$100-$200m)
  • Best Law & Related Services Firm (>A$200m)
  • Best Professional Services Firm (A$30-$100m)
  • Best Professional Services Firm (A$100-$200m)
  • Best Professional Services Firm (>A$200m)
  • Best Provider to Construction & Infrastructure
  • Best Provider to Financial & Insurance Services
  • Best Provider to Government & Community
  • Best Provider to Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Best Provider to Power & Utilities
  • Best Provider to Property
  • Best CX Firm: Law & Related Services
  • Most Innovative Law & Related Services Firm

For the Law & Related Services Awards listed above you will be competing against other firms who have entered into the Law & Related Services category.

For all the other Awards listed above you will be competing against all firms who have entered the Client Choice Awards across all categories: Accounting & Consulting Services, Built & Natural Environment Consulting, Law & Related Services, and Specialist IP & Related Services.

To maximise response rates to the surveys we send out to your clients, we let clients know you are the firm that is interested in their feedback. This is best practice. This reassures them that our survey is legitimate and encourages them to complete.

You are able to opt-out of being named in the survey emails. If you opt-out it may negatively impact your response rates. To do so, check the relevant box on the entry form.

Please note, to meet our obligations under the Privacy Act, all respondents who complete the survey are informed which firms provided their contact details at the end when they submit their response.

Beaton makes the utmost effort to ensure the security of firms’ client lists.

Firstly, Beaton asks clients to transfer their client lists to Beaton using Beaton’s Secure File Transfers Protocol (SFTP). SFTP employs both at-rest and in-transit encryption making sure that the data is secure when resting on the server, and when being uploaded or downloaded. This is done to avoid the inherent security risks associated with transferring files by email, where the email content is not encrypted, and the email can be intercepted.

Second, upon receiving the client lists, these are stored only on secure servers. These servers are encrypted so that if the servers themselves are physically stolen the client files still cannot be accessed. Access to these encrypted servers is restricted to the Beaton research team.

Beaton will destroy the client lists and any copies of it within 24 months of the completion of the survey process unless express instructions to do otherwise are received by Beaton.

Beaton agrees to hold the contents of firms’ client lists confidential and will use the lists only for the purposes of The Client Choice Awards and related research products that are by-products of the survey process, including Beaton Benchmarks and Beaton Compass, unless express instructions to do otherwise are received by Beaton.

Still have questions? Please contact us and one of our team will be in touch to help.