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As an acoustic engineering firm full of specialists in sound and music, Resonate Consulting might be expected to have great hearing. The firm certainly seems to have heard clients’ feedback, building a brand that in 2024 was chosen as the best in its class by the Client Choice Awards.

The team led by Managing Director Darren Jurevicius recently celebrated winning Best Acoustical Consulting Fim (<$30m revenue) in the prestigious annual awards.

“Everyone was very excited as this recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to building trust and exceeding client expectations. It was a proud moment for us all,” reflected Jurevicius.

Now in their 20th year, the Client Choice Awards are the only professional services awards that use client feedback – rather than industry experts or judging panels – to determine winners. Tens of thousands of clients submit feedback ratings on hundreds of firms via an annual survey administered by Beaton, known as the Beaton Benchmarks survey. This feedback is used to determine award winners and later to provide data for the unrivalled insights of Beaton Benchmarks reports.

Resonate Consulting, a specialist acoustic engineering firm with offices in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne, stood out with the best overall client satisfaction score in its category. Jurevicius said that the differentiating factor that enabled his firm to win was its “company culture of building long-term client relationships”.

“Our core values — united, client-centric, distinctive, ingenious, and responsible — are the foundation of everything we do. These values guide us in maintaining a client-focused approach, fostering innovation, and upholding responsibility in all our dealings, setting us apart in the industry,” he said.

“This award serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to our clients and a powerful reflection of the collaborative spirit that defines Resonate Consultants.”

Despite celebrating the win with a team dinner and drinks, Jurevicius explained how his firm was never comfortable to sit on its laurels. His team constantly seeks feedback to improve and enhance the quality of its services in order to maintain such high standards for clients. Previously the firm used email and various ad hoc methods to ask clients for feedback. However, Jurevicius emphasised the value of using a third-party research company (Beaton) to collect feedback on an annual basis for free via the Client Choice Awards, returning a far higher response rate.

“We consider the Client Choice Awards to be our best source of formal feedback due to its comprehensive evaluation process,” he said.

“The leadership team carefully evaluate all the comments and scores received from the Client Choice Awards. Based on this evaluation, we make necessary adjustments to our processes, strategies, and service offerings. These changes are effectively integrated into our daily operations, helping us to continuously improve and adapt to our clients’ evolving needs.”

The firm also has specific systems in place to ensure client experience is continually improving in response to such feedback. Jurevicius noted national leadership meetings, a national client feedback channel, project director engagement and quality assurance processes were all integral to the firm’s success. With the industry rapidly changing and constantly evolving, Jurevicius also said his team was constantly considering ways to innovate – particularly utilising AI and the potential efficiencies it brings.

“Currently, the highest strategic priority for our firm is to utilise artificial intelligence (AI) in the most efficient way possible,” he said.

“This involves integrating AI technologies across our operations to enhance our analytical capabilities, improve the accuracy of our assessments, and streamline our processes. By doing so, we aim to significantly boost productivity, reduce turnaround times for our projects, and offer more innovative solutions to our clients, ensuring that we maintain our competitive edge in the industry.”

Resonate Consulting was named Best Acoustical Consulting Fim (<$30m revenue) in the 2024 Client Choice Awards. The awards are supported by principal partner Westpac, alongside supporting partner Icon.

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