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The final post in our Winners Showcase series focuses on Planix Projects. They were not only the winners of the Best Project Management Firm (less than $30m revenue) category in Client Choice Awards 2020 but they also took out the award for Best Overall Built Environment Consulting Firm (less than $30m revenue).

Q. What attracted Planix Projects to enter Client Choice Awards?

At Planix Projects we are a client centric business and we pride ourselves in establishing and developing trust-based, reliable and long-term relationships with our clients. As such, the Client Choice Awards are particularly important to us as it’s all about our valued clients providing feedback about our partnership approach and our performance. 

Q. How did you find the process and how useful and actionable was the feedback you received from clients?

The process of applying for the Client Choice Awards was seamless and easy. The feedback received from our clients was a great way of obtaining impartial feedback on our performance as clients could submit their ratings anonymously if they wanted to. As well as rating us on certain attributes, clients could also add comments to provide further opportunities for improvement.

Q. Were you actively collecting and using client feedback prior to entering Client Choice Awards? If yes, what method(s) were used and to what purpose was the feedback put?

Prior to entering the Client Choice Awards, Planix Projects regularly reached out to our clients to provide feedback through formal and an informal process. All client feedback is logged in our client central feedback register to capture lessons learned and make sure actionable responses were detailed. We review and update our feedback log monthly with all members across the company and update our clients on our actions to close the loop.

Q. What benefits has taking part in Client Choice Awards brought your firm?

The Client Choice Awards has provided our team with recognition for all the amazing work they have been doing. Planix Projects has received greater exposure within the construction industry and have given us the ability to demonstrate why we say “We are the Best”.

Q. What would you say to other firms in the Built & Natural Environment Consulting space who may be on the fence about taking part?

There are too many to list but a few of the main benefits we’ve seen include:

1. There is nothing to lose and so much to gain. You get to hear about the clients real feedback about your business. The feedback which is at the centre of any business’s ongoing success.

2. It is a great opportunity to obtain feedback from not only your client’s Executive Team but also from the end-user stakeholders who don’t always get the opportunity to provide feedback.

3. You are able to compare your business against similar businesses in your industry to identify your strength and weaknesses, and to put strategies in place for continuous improvement.

4. Let your team be recognised for their hard work and making your firm “The Best”. The results of this are immense, staff gain an increased appreciation for where they work and you can be seen as the employer of choice within the industry. 

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About Planix Projects

At Planix Projects we deliver first class, personal service and custom-made solutions best suited for our clients. We look at the big picture, working with clients across education, health, aged care, residential, commercial and hospitality sectors on projects ranging from $2million to over $1billion.

We are more than just a consulting project management firm,  we work closely with clients to create places that leave a positive legacy. We do this through partnership and seamless integration across the project lifecycle from project initiation to post occupancy evaluation, and take pride in solving unusual and complex problems.  We focus on our core values of Passion, Excellence, Curiosity and Certainty to provide the best outcomes to our partners.

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