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How often does your law firm seek raw, honest, unfiltered feedback from clients?

It can be an uncomfortable process that many lawyers might rather avoid. However, western Sydney firm New South Lawyers say it’s the best way to benchmark your services against other firms and ensure you’re ahead of the competition.

Co-founder and Managing Director George Bazouni said the opportunity to receive regular, honest feedback was a key reason his firm entered the Client Choice Awards every year.

“The Client Choice Awards are an amazing opportunity for our clients (both current and prospective) to deliver first-hand, honest, unfiltered feedback on our skills and services,” said Mr Bazouni.

“[They] serve as proof that we deliver what we promise. These awards provide awareness of the high level of standards and services of firms and allow prospective clients to differentiate between the calibre of law firms.”

Mr Bazouni’s strategy of seeking out and responding to client feedback has clearly been working: his firm scooped three gongs at the 2022 Client Choice Awards. New South Lawyers was named Best Law & Related Services Firm (less than $30m revenue), Best Commercial & Business Firm (less than $30m revenue) and Best Property & Planning Firm (less than $30m revenue).

And it was not the first time New South Lawyers has seen success at the Awards – the firm has been named a finalist and winner multiple times over the past four years.

“Although this is not our first Client Choice Award, we hope that it affirms our continued commitment to delivering top-tier legal services for our clients,” Mr Bazouni said.

“It’s always an honour when our achievements are recognised by our clients and we are very excited about these awards. They are a reflection of the high standards we set ourselves to providing quality and top-tier legal services to our clients.”

The annual Client Choice Awards celebrate the best professional services firms across four categories of accounting and consulting, built and natural environment consulting, legal, and specialist IP services. Real clients submit feedback on the firms to beaton for judging; thus winners are chosen not by self-nomination or judging panels, but by the clients themselves.

Mr Bazouni reflected that being a winner in clients’ eyes was a key indicator that his firm stood out among a competitive legal market. He added that it could not be achieved without the dedication and teamwork of his entire firm.

“We are also particularly proud to be among the company of peers who are truly some of the best in the profession,” he said.

“Doing well is an acknowledgment and reward of the hard work and dedication of every single member of our team. Without their diligence, attitude and commitment to consistently delivering solutions of the highest standard, we would truly not be here today.”

New South Lawyers was named Best Law & Related Services Firm (<$30m revenue), Best Commercial & Business Firm (<$30m revenue) and Best Property & Planning Firm (<$30m revenue) in the 2022 Client Choice Awards. These awards are presented in partnership with The College of Law’s Legal Business Management programs and LEAP Legal Software.

Firmchecker is the Research Partner for these categories.

The Client Choice Awards rewards firms for excellent client service, technical expertise, innovation and client experience. It is the only multi-profession and fully client-judged awards anywhere in the world. The Principal Partner of the Awards is NAB.

Enter your firm for the 2023 Awards here.