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All signs point to the way professional services are delivered reaching peak-transformation during the mid-2020s. The convergence of digitalisation, collaborative approaches, big data, new business models, disintermediation and globalisation are amongst the mega trends driving the change.

Is your firm preparing now? Are your key decision-makers on the same ‘We need to be acting now’ page? To what extent are you collaborating with your clients in transforming the way you do business together?   

The massive opportunities and – for those professional services providers who get up late in the morning – challenges of these changes should not be underestimated. 

To help our clients and all stakeholders in the professional services supply chains accelerate their understanding of the forces at work and how to address them, beaton is presenting an exciting cross-profession conference Clients and Firms Collaborating in the Digital Era

Clients and Firms – Collaborating in the Digital Era is designed to help participants put this future into an actionable context for their organisations.

  • When: 20 March 2020 with registration from 8am, closing at 4pm (the day following the Client Choice Awards gala dinner)
  • Where: Metropolis, Southbank, Melbourne
  • Who: Leaders of progressive professional services firms, clients invited by these firms, startups and scaleups in professional services, investors, strategic vendors, educators and regulators
  • Limit: 250
  • Buy tickets here

Stellar speakers, chairs and panellists

With the assistance of our Advisory Board beaton has assembled a stellar cast of speakers, chairs and panellists who will lead the interactive discussions.

Dr Stefan Hajkowic, Principal Scientist in Strategic Foresight, CSIRO’s Data61, author and TEDx speaker, will set the pace with his keynote address.   

To find out more about the Clients and Firms: Collaborating in the Digital Era conference, please visit the dedicated website here.