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What differentiates a high-performing professional services firm from a business simply spinning its wheels, and achieving run-of-the-mill results?

Client Choice Award-winning firm Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec (WGA) says “working smarter rather than harder” is crucial.

The Australian engineering and project management firm recently won not one but two Client Choice Awards in 2023. In results that sent “waves of pride” through the entire team, WGA emerged top of its field in the categories of Best Built & Natural Environment Consulting Firm ($100m-$200m) and Best Provider to Construction & Infrastructure (revenue > $30m).

Matt Hyatt, the firm’s Joint Regional Manager in Victoria, said the firm’s focus on smart working practices that are “delivering impactful outputs rather than mere effort” played a big role in winning the two awards.

“We continuously seek opportunities to optimise and streamline our processes, integrating cutting-edge technology and harnessing data analysis skills to generate innovative ideas,” Hyatt said.

“Our exceptional pool of talent, collaborating seamlessly across the organisation, enables us to consistently deliver the best outcomes and create a fulfilling and challenging workplace.”

The Client Choice Awards are the only professional services awards judged entirely by client feedback rather than industry experts or judging panels. Entering their 20th year in 2024, the awards measure the client approval ratings of hundreds of professional services firms across Australia and New Zealand. In 2023, 276 firms entered the awards and Beaton analysed more than 17,000 pieces of client feedback to determine winners.

Hyatt emphasised that investing in, and empowering, the firm’s employees is another special strength that helps WGA stand out among competitors.

“At the heart of our firm lies an unwavering belief in the power of our people,” Hyatt said.

“This fundamental principle sets us apart and forms the bedrock of our strengths. Our leaders passionately foster an environment that encourages our team members to think differently, approach challenges with a solution-focused mindset, and take ownership of their work.”

As if two awards were not enough, WGA was also a finalist for the category of Best CX Firm: Built and Natural Environment Consulting. Engineering firms have lagged, historically, compared to other professions when it comes to providing excellent CX. However, Hyatt said it was a focus area for his team, and that reviewing and acting on the feedback received in the Client Choice Awards would guide the firm’s efforts in continually improving CX.

“Our primary goals revolve around making projects effortless for our clients and upholding our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional engineering and project management services,” he said.

“We understand that listening is a cornerstone of exceptional service, and we will continue to actively listen to our clients’ needs and desires. By seeking and incorporating client feedback into our operations, we continually evolve to meet their ever-changing expectations. WGA values feedback as a catalyst for improvement, acting upon it promptly and efficiently.”

Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec was named winner of Best Built & Natural Environment Consulting Firm ($100m-$200m) and Best Provider to Construction & Infrastructure (revenue > $30m) at the 2023 Client Choice Awards.

These awards are presented in partnership with ICON, and association partners ACE and Association of Consulting Architects.

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