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Four or five words etched into a logo on a website or LinkedIn. A short sentence in an email signature. It’s hard not to notice just how many professional services firms have adopted values into their ethos in recent times.

But do clients actually care about a firm’s values?

Yes, says one firm that would know. Tonkin + Taylor was named winner of the Best Provider to Government & Community Award and was a finalist in two other categories.

“Our clients tell us that values alignment is pivotal when they choose who to engage with and who they want on their team,” said the firm’s Executive Leader of Clients + Brands Simonne Eldridge and Client Experience Manager Briana Millar.

“Being named finalists and winning an award where the clients themselves decide the outcome makes this all the more satisfying. Not only does it speak to a passion for our clients, but it demonstrates an authentic ‘all of company’ commitment to living our values and purpose to create and sustain a better world for our people, clients, and communities.”

The Client Choice Awards recognise the best professional services firms in Australia and New Zealand across four categories of accounting and consulting, built and natural environment consulting, legal, and specialist IP services. Real clients submit robust and honest feedback to beaton for judging. Winners are thus chosen not through self-nomination or judging panels like other industry awards, but by arguably the most important adjudicators of all: clients.

In 2022, more than 250 firms entered the awards and more than 15,000 pieces of individual client feedback were submitted.

“Knowing that T+T has been recognised in these areas – not by a panel or judge, but by those who have engaged and work closely with them – gives confidence that when engaging with T+T, clients are choosing an organisation that is genuinely invested in the success of their clients’ business and working together to deliver great outcomes,” said Ms Eldridge and Ms Millar.

“We measure success on the satisfaction of our clients and their positive perception of T+T. We see being named as finalists and award winners as a signal to us and to our organisation, that what we are doing is resonating with our clients, it is adding value, and that we are on the right track.

Tonkin + Taylor was named Best Provider to Government & Community in the 2022 Client Choice Awards.

The Client Choice Awards rewards firms for excellent client service, technical expertise, innovation and client experience. It is the only multi-profession and fully client-judged awards anywhere in the world. The Principal Partner of the Awards is NAB.

Enter your firm for the 2023 Awards here.