Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Beaton Research + Consulting (ACN 135 310 459) (‘beaton’) respects your rights to privacy and the Privacy and Confidentiality Policy (‘Policy’) outlines how we uphold those rights under the Australian Privacy Principles (‘APPs’), as written into the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (‘Privacy Act’). The APPs govern how private organisations handle ‘personal information’, which is information from which you can be identified. For more information about the Privacy Act and the APPs visit

The Policy lets you know what personal information of yours we hold, what we do with it, to whom we disclose it, and how you can access the personal information we hold about you. You can find out here how to change inaccurate personal information or what to do if you feel that we have failed to handle your personal information in the manner required by the Privacy Act.


What personal information about you does beaton collect and hold?

If you are a client, a supplier, an attendee of our seminars or someone who has contact with us through our website or mailing lists, the type of information we may collect will include name, title, business, email addresses, contact numbers (telephone, fax, mobile).

If you participate in our research, we may wish to collect your name and contact details so that we can contact you about the research. However, we are generally interested in the responses of large groups of people rather than individuals. Unless specifically stated otherwise, we report information in aggregate form to give an overall picture to our clients. Any details that may identify you are removed from your responses once they are no longer needed.

When providing personal information to beaton you have the option of remaining anonymous or providing a pseudonym by which to be identified.


How does beaton collect your personal information?

For clients, beaton will generally collect your personal information directly from you in the course of your dealings with our business. However, we may from time to time collect personal information about you from a third party. If so, we will inform you as soon as practicable of this collection and the circumstances of this collection. We take reasonable steps to ensure any information shared to us by third parties has been done so in accordance to the APPs.

To find research respondents, we often use client and customer lists provided by our clients to collect personal information. The sources of these lists are usually client organisations who have retained beaton to conduct research. We take reasonable steps to ensure respondents are aware of the client organisation and the source of their contact details. In some cases, we withhold this information during the initial survey stage. We do this as the knowledge of the client organisation may bias your response to research questions. In this case, we either reveal the source at the end of the research, or for larger surveys that have multiple sources and client organisations we give you the opportunity to contact us for this information. In some instances, beaton may collect your personal information directly from you in the course of you participating in our research.


What are the purposes for which beaton uses and handles your personal information?

If you are a client, we need to collect your personal information so that we can provide our products and services, and conduct our business. We also collect personal information so that we can communicate new developments to our clients and to people who have contacted us through our website or mailing lists. Such developments may include upcoming seminars or new products that we have launched. It is our policy to use personal information collected from business contacts only for the business purpose for which it was collected.

If you are a research respondent, beaton uses your personal information to contact and invite you to participate in our research. We will only re-contact you if you were informed of this or if we have a valid research concern where re-contact is needed. Our company uses survey and sample information only for research purposes. This means that we use it to investigate the behaviours, needs, attitudes, opinions, motivations or other characteristics of people who participate in our research. Your research information is aggregated with other respondents and will not be personally identifiable.


Will your client data remain confidential?

beaton and The Financial Review are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of client information applicants provide. The information in your online application and the client email addresses and other information provided to beaton will only be used to contact applicants regarding the Awards and the availability of reports and research about the applicant, to conduct the market research and analyse the results.

Client email addresses will not be disclosed to any organisation except beaton.

Client email addresses will not be disclosed to The Financial Review or any other Fairfax entity.

Client email addresses and other client information will be used for the purposes of conducting only this survey, and not for any other purpose, unless otherwise agreed in writing with you.

beaton will only provide The Financial Review with the details of Winners and Finalists of an Financial Review Client Choice Award. Only Winners and Finalists in the firm and practitioner categories will be named in The Financial Review and its associated publications covering the Awards.


Who will beaton disclose your personal information to?

We will not use or disclose your personal information for the purpose of advertising, promotions or direct marketing activities. We will not disclose any personal information to a third party for a purpose other than conducting our research, unless specifically stated otherwise or we are required to do so by an Australia law or court/tribunal order.

Where overseas third party service providers are used, as may be required as part of our research or by clients, we will take reasonable steps to ensure they, their employees, and their contractors do not breach the APPs or are subject to similar privacy laws and you have the ability to enforce these rights.

All reasonable efforts are taken to remove personally identifiable research information before beaton sends the aggregated findings of our research to our clients, which may include government, commercial and not-for-profit entities. This assists them in making decisions about their products and services. Occasionally our clients or we may publish these findings.


How does beaton protect your personal information?

Your personal information is stored for as long as necessary to conduct our research. We will destroy or de-identify your personal information as soon as practicable once it is no longer needed for our purposes. However, beaton may in certain circumstances be required by law to retain your personal information. In this case, your personal information will continue to be protected in accordance with the Policy. If we destroy personal information, we will do so by taking reasonable steps and using up-to-date techniques and processes.

We take all reasonable steps to hold your personal information in a secure location, protected from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification or destruction. When beaton holds information in a location other than our identified business address, we will take reasonable steps to ensure these locations comply with the APPs and the Privacy Act.



If you feel that the personal information we hold on you may be inaccurate, out-of-date or incomplete, you have the right to request access to review that information. We will respond to your request in a reasonable amount of time with a suitable range of choices as to how access to this information is provided. A fee may be charged to cover the cost of retrieval. This fee will not be excessive and will apply to only the facilitation of your request. You may request an amendment to any information you think is inaccurate and we will either amend it or make a record of your comment, as we think appropriate. The contact details of our Privacy Officer are below.


Contact us

If you have any questions about the Policy or believe that we have at any time failed to handle your personal information in the manner required by the Privacy Act or the APPs, please contact us immediately using the following contact details:

Privacy Officer

Suite 9.12, Level 9, 9 Yarra St South Yarra VIC 3141

+61 3 8373 2600

We will respond and advise you whether we agree with your complaint or not.  If we do not agree, we will provide reasons.  If we do agree, we will advise what (if any) action we consider it appropriate to take in response.  If you are still not satisfied after having contacted us and given us a reasonable time to respond, then we suggest that you contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner by:

Phone: 1300 363 992.

If calling from overseas (including Norfolk Island): +61 2 9284 9749

TTY: 1800 620 241 (hearing impaired only)

TIS: Translating and Interpreting Service: 131 450

Post: GPO Box 2999 Canberra ACT 2601 Australia

Fax: +61 2 9284 9666



beaton website

Some information is recorded from visitors to our website. This is used for statistical and administrative purposes to improve the usability and stability of the website. This information may include the visitor’s server address, date and time of the visit, which pages were accessed and which documents were downloaded, and how long the visit went for. To optimise the beaton website and better understand its usage, we collect the visiting domain name or IP address, computer operating system, browser type and screen resolution.

A cookie is a piece of information that an Internet website sends to your browser when you access information at that site. Cookies are either stored in memory (session cookies) or placed on your hard disk (persistent cookies). The beaton website does not use persistent cookies. Upon closing your browser, the session cookie set by this website is destroyed and no personal information is maintained which might identify you should you visit our website at a later date.



In the Policy, ‘personal information’ has the same meaning as under the Privacy Act.

The Policy is effective from 1 June 2017. We may change the Policy from time to time; the APPs recommend regular review of privacy policies to make them ‘living documents’. Although we intend to observe the Policy at all times, it is not legally binding on beaton in any way. From time to time, we may regard it as necessary or desirable to act outside the Policy. beaton may do so, subject only to any other applicable contractual rights you have and any statutory rights you have under the Privacy Act or other applicable legislation.