2020 Client Choice Awards


Saturday 13th March 2020


Being held at Crown Plaza
Melbourne VIC


All enquiries for entries and tickets can be directed to: info@cca.com.au

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Key dates

Finalists for each Built Environment Awards category (link to engineering section of Awards category page) will be announced shortly after the survey period closes. Winners are then announced at the Client Choice Awards gala dinner held in March each year.
Applications Open

Applications Close

Surveying Starts

Surveying Ends

Finalists Announced

Winners Announced


Highlights of the 2019 Client Choice Awards

A record crowd of xxx enjoyed the 2019 Client Choice Awards gala ceremony and dinner on 27 March 2019

Paul Hugh-Jones, MC for the evening, our Sponsors, The Financial Review, professional associations and the beaton team welcomed all the Finalists and went on to congratulate the Winners.

“It was great to see the who’s who of professional services celebrating the Finalists and Winners and catching up with colleagues and friends. Thanks everyone for a wonderful evening honouring ‘Excellence in Professional Services’.

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Get your entry in for 2020 Client Choice Awards

Whether you’re an old hand or a newbie you should check out the FAQs and other sections of the site before entering. Entering is easier and faster than ever before.

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